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Intrepid is about being bold and unafraid to chase your dreams and goals, it’s about being adventurous and free-spirited, beating to your drum only, to your own death song if you will. It’s about taking a risk for a greater reward in life, love, friendship, and freedom.

We are creating a brand that people can believe in and directly relate to. A brand of loyalty, adventures, boldness, fearless, love and freedom. A brand that you are proud to be apart of and wear and when people ask you about it you can relate for you have gone down the same path as many of us have. 

Our designs have a story behind them; they have a face, a personality, and in some case’s a death-defying adventure behind them. They are about life, lessons learned, adventures, dreams, goals, and memories from friends and from myself. They tell a story many of us have, had, or will go through in the future. We are all humans, we all have a story, we all love, we all dream and all seek adventure in one fashion or another. In these stories, we can find common ground and relate to each other.

Don’t be scared to fail; don’t be scared to follow your heart and dreams. If you never try you can never fail or succeed. We only get one shot at this thing called life and we need to carpe diem the shit out of it. Most things in life will never be perfect or go according to plan and you sure don’t have to get fired to start, (hell of a motivator though) you just need to be daring and fearless, rip that band-aid off and begin your Intrepid life. There is no right or wrong time, there is just time and that clock is counting down.


Be bold.
Be daring.
Be unafraid.
Be Intrepid.

Travis Fishburn, CEO