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Intrepid comes from a deep place in my soul. I truly believe in life and that we only get one shot at this; we need to live it to the fullest every day. Take chances, chase dreams and goals, give your heart to someone, dance like no one is watching, travel the world and learn about other cultures along with yourself. Be bold. Be daring. Live YOUR life. The Intrepid Brand is the foundation of this company, it is the beginning of a new adventure and our intrepid life. We added the compass in the background with no cardinal directions because your compass will only point in the direction you wish your life to go. It will only point to your True North and nothing else. No two compasses are the same as no two paths in life are the same. We see, hear, and go through life only according to ourselves. We all have unique stories to tell and adventures we have lived. Dreams are only dreams until you put them into action. So here we are creating Intrepid. A new adventure, a new lifestyle, a new dream. We hope you will join us down this path and create a new lifestyle and memories.


Life takes you down crazy roads; it slaps you in the face and throws roadblocks in your way and usually at the worst possible time. It also takes you down paths of rose petals and sunshine, great times and great laughs. 
These roads and adventures can also be beautiful and teach you a great lesson. That’s life. Find your path, stick to it no matter how hard things get. Get back on track, straighten that arrow out and shoot it into your future. We also added some special flare with the lion mane on top of the arrow. This is because you should be fearless, ferocious and aggressive with your life and with the path you choose. Lions don’t take shit; neither should you. 


Much like Jekyll and Mr. Hyde we all have a savage and gentlemen insides us. Some just show one side a little more than the others.

Protect your loved ones at any cost, be a lover, not a fighter, there is a difference. Say I love you but mean it. Give unexpected complements. Lead when required but also know when to follow. Be chivalrous, hold the door open for a stranger, any stranger, help an elderly folk across the street, give up your umbrella. Eat meat with your hands, drink wine from the bottle, put on a tux and take your lady out dancing. Build a car, build a house, hell build anything. Open the car door for your girl, say please and thank you, look the person in the eyes when you shake their hand. Be a man of your word, be confident, be aggressive when needed then be cool as a cucumber, work hard, never stop learning. Follow your passion, stand up for what you believe in. And of course, at least once in your life grow a beard, a real beard. 

You can be both a Savage and a Gentlemen in this world, find the balance. 


You are in control of your destiny. You are in control of the choices you make, the paths you walk down, the ships you sail. You and you alone! Live the life you have dreamt, chase the dreams you dream about, keep fighting for the goals and aspirations you have. Make them become a reality. Don’t be the deckhand all your life, rise up and make changes. We all have a captain inside of us. Some people need to wake him up and navigate the seas of life a little more. That captain guides us, talks to us, points us in the right direction. Sometimes we go down the wrong paths in life or make poor decisions. The captain is there to guide you back, to put you back on track. It’s never too late to make things right, to make dreams become a reality, to live the intrepid life you want. BE The Captain.



 We specifically designed this shirt for our fellow blue-collar workers. We salute you for the hard work you put in, day in and day out. The way we know life, as it is, wouldn’t be the same without you. Thanks for giving us the American dream we all long for.

 Our very own CEO started doing flat work concrete when he was 15 years old. Worked as a summer job until the age of 18 when he started full-time until the age of 21 when he left for the Navy. Everything from sidewalks, driveways, foundations, stamped, colored, etc. Still to this day, literally this day June 14, 2018. He works part-time for one of his great friends Jeff who has too much work to handle. If you’re ever in Boise, stop on by Intrepid Headquarters, aka the CEOs house and you can see the 30 yards of a driveway that he and Jeff poured with a colored and stamped border.

To us and those like us. Cheers.



According to Wikipedia, a compass is an instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions. Well now, this makes our compass very interesting for it has no cardinal direction’s.

They say follow your heart, follow your dreams, follow your intuition, we say follow your TRUE NORTH.

 True North is not for every person. It’s for you and you alone. So, who’s to say you are going in the right or wrong direction? What direction? Only you and your heart can read this compass to know what direction you are going, what adventure you wish to embark on and what path you wish to walk. In these adventures, goals, and dreams you must trust your compass. Do not let outside forces blow your sails onto a different course. Here at Intrepid Clothing Co., we like to say and truly stand by the saying “you only get one shot at this life, make it count” so trust your True North and never look back.

 “Fair winds and following seas”



Peace. That’s what you find in the mountains. Every time I go camping and disconnect from electronics and the world I feel a sense of peace and calmness. The fresh air, campfires, cold mountain water and the stars bring a great sense of happiness and joy to my heart and soul. We all need to disconnect sometimes, reset our lives, brains and thoughts. If you’re like me I have a hamster running in my head 24/7. All kinds of crazy ass thoughts going non-stop, that’s life for ya. The mountains are a great place to escape and reset. Let’s make ourselves better. Reset priorities in life. Here are just a few we are working on:

  1. Make your own happiness a priority
  2. Be more-polite to yourself
  3. Give your ideas and dreams a chance
  4. Notice how wealthy you are right now
  5. Help others in any capacity
  6. Enjoy the things you already have
  7. Value the lessons your mistakes teach you



America……Home of the Intrepid!

You damn right home of the intrepid!!!!!

Home of the brave, fearless, undaunted, bold, daring, adventurous, spirited, heroic, dynamic, courageous, gutsy, ballsy, and home of the audacious. Home of the FREE.

Seriously can you find a better adjective to describe her? I don’t think so. Just like our great country, our Intrepid Family is also bold, daring, adventurous, heroic, brave and courageous. We expect to be the best, hold ourselves to a higher standard, never quit and don’t take shit from anyone. We stand together with our friends, family and loved ones! We love the red, white and blue. We love the freedom she gives us, we love the opportunities she gives us, we love creating a life we have dreamt about, she gives us that. We are proud to be American! We are grateful to be able to chase our goals and dreams and live an #intrepidlife.

We are Americans. We are Intrepid.



Be Bold. Be Daring. Be Unafraid.

Be brave enough to be your true self.

In this life, you have to be bold, daring and unafraid to chase your goals dreams and truly live your life the way you want to. You will miss every shot you don’t take. You can never succeed if you don’t try. Who cares if you fail, try again, and again and again until you are victorious. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. No one can live your life for you, no one can make your decisions, no one can tell you what is right and what is wrong for you. Have the courage to follow your heart. There is no right or wrong time, there is just time and that clock is counting down.


J.T. - Jake Tucker

In Jakes very own words……”In 2015 I was looking for ideas for my first tattoo. I wasn’t about to pop my cherry in the ink world on some picture board design you see when you go into your local shop. I wanted to make it unique, I wanted to make it my own. I liked a few tattoos I’ve seen of the Idaho outline, highlighting state pride and the roots where we grew up. I didn’t just want to do the outline like everyone else was doing, so I started to mess around with designs and finally was set on implementing the state of Idaho into the USA flag. The final design represents USA patriotism and is a memorial for those who fought for our freedom. The outline of Idaho represents the state I grew up in and where I currently live. The star inside the outline represents the city of Boise, where I was born. I chose to get this tattoo on 9/11/2015 as a reminder of the lives lost and sacrifices made on 9/11 when I was a freshman in college.” #freedom



Our True North compass resides where the city of Boise is, where we, Intrepid Clothing Co. call home. We all have a place we call home; we hold it near our hearts. We cherish it, we love it, we talk about it, dream about it and we can’t wait to get back to it. That’s what it’s like for us Idahoans. This is our special place. We know it, you know it and now the whole bloody world knows it because of all the top 10 lists we keep making. Please don’t move here. Haha.



Rising from the east you find a marvelous star burning fiercely that brings light, joy, and happiness to all life. It has helped travelers, sailors and explores navigate our world’s landscape since the beginning of time. An instrument used for navigation much like the compass. As the sun sets each night it’s a great reminder when life gets hard and we feel the weight of the world coming down on us know that the sun will RISE again and who knows what the tide will bring. A new day, a new start, a new rise.