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J.T. - Jake Tucker

In Jakes very own words……”In 2015 I was looking for ideas for my first tattoo. I wasn’t about to pop my cherry in the ink world on some picture board design you see when you go into your local shop. I wanted to make it unique, I wanted to make it my own. I liked a few tattoos I’ve seen of the Idaho outline, highlighting state pride and the roots where we grew up. I didn’t just want to do the outline like everyone else was doing, so I started to mess around with designs and finally was set on implementing the state of Idaho into the USA flag. The final design represents USA patriotism and is a memorial for those who fought for our freedom. The outline of Idaho represents the state I grew up in and where I currently live. The star inside the outline represents the city of Boise, where I was born. I chose to get this tattoo on 9/11/2015 as a reminder of the lives lost and sacrifices made on 9/11 when I was a freshman in college.” #freedom