Intrepid Worldwide



                                                           Intrepid Worldwide

Intrepid Clothing Co. has officially launched our Worldwide program where YOU can send in your intrepid story and have a chance to WIN your own shirt design and be featured on our web page.

That’s right! YOUR story, your adventure, your lessons, your #intrepidlife.

 Intrepid Promise:

  1. Promise to share your story online under our adventure section
  2. Promote your story via social media and events
  3. Design a shirt specifically for your story
  4. Receive a FREE intrepid shirt along with 1 version of your design in every style
  5. Earn CASH. Every sale from your design you will receive 10% cash back at the end of every month or donated to a charity of your choosing!

  ***Intrepid Clothing Co. reserves all rights on final design, styles, number of versions, and how long the winners design will be available for purchase online***



Intrepid Winners  

2019 Jake Tucker - Boise, Idaho, USA